Céline Robert has a spritual capacity to provide care which raises many questions, some would name her a healer, and others an intermediary between them and « the Lord ». It is said that she is able to do miracles. Miracles ? Can we treat incurable diseases ? Does traditional medicine have all the answers ? Alternative medicine, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, general medicine… what medicine is nest for you ? Where is the limit for healing ?

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  • Dates multiples - Lussy - Suisse
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    Victoria – Presentation

    In 2009, Céline heard a message. To treat people all over the world, she must form a group of healers with the goal of reaching out to a larger number of people with a power of tenfold. With the help of Jessica Robert and Edwige Rochat, Céline created Victoria composed of 12 people.

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